Too much dust or rust collecting on your old 2017 Rallye, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. No one wants to be seen riding around in that old clunker anyways. Maybe you got this 12ft x 6ft box wrapped up nicely under the tree this past Christmas and to your surprise, it was not the pony you had asked for. Instead it was the iron horse you’d only dream’ of!

Or maybe you’re like the majority of the population and you just couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. So you decided to finance the hell out of that dream bike; you’ll happily eat peanut butter & jam sandwiches for the next five years to help offset the payments. Now that you’ve got your hands on that iron horse, you are likely pondering over what stock parts you can replace on it, with shinier upgraded ones. To help ease the decision- making process, we broke down a list of ‘must have’ gadgets for your 2018, BMW R1200GS Rallye.


Headlight Guard 

The headlight of your bike sits there like an expensive target, just waiting to be smashed by flying rocks from others on the trail or road traffic. Chances are you don’t carry headlight spares and the stock guard will be less than a pleasure to change if it gets smashed to pieces. An easy install clear headlight guard will protect the headlamp from all oncoming debris. Its also easy to remove if you want to sell the bike in the future and have it still looking new.


Crash bars

A pretty good assumption is that if you bought the Rallye version, you are probably going to ride the snot out of it. With snotty roads come, well, the inevitable smash and crash of your bike making friends with the rocky ground. The crash bars are likely to save you from costly repairs that far exceed the $500 plus price tag of these premium pieces of steel. In the good words of Ron Popeil, “Wait, there’s more!” If you run that beauty into the sand or mud and can’t haul out all 550lbs of it on your own.

Have no fear, hook a set of tow straps to the crash bars and get one of your buds to pull you out. Good thing you installed that headlight cover, it’s about to get tested. If you are really unlucky and happen to be traveling alone, hopefully you packed a come along chain or some high-test ratchet straps. But wait, there’s more! Like any good 4x4 adventure you’ll probably need to be pushed out of somewhere at some point. With the Rallye, you might not have four tires to work with, though you can enlist some help to push you out if needed. Just get one or two people pulling or pushing on your bars and this will get you some leverage and should save your plastics from getting smashed up. The Motorrad bars come in two pieces that are made of electropolished stainless steel, keeping them not too daunting at 3.6kg.


Cylinder head cover

Inside your cylinder head are some very essential and delicate parts that you are going to want to leave alone and not play with. All that combustion is meant to stay on the inside. The good people at BMW likely put in a lot of thought as to what would make it run most efficiently. Dropping the sucker on its side and denting the head is likely to put you out of commission. However, the BMW repair guy will likely thank you for paying his rent that month. A cylinder head cover can be bolted into place right under the crash bars. It is designed with a durable rubber buffer and for a little added protection, that can go a long way.


 I remember once seeing a bunch of different people in a resort hotel pool, with those bright-colored pool noodles. Little kids played with them and used them as swimming aids, old people basically did the same, just at a slower pace. Then there was the drunk guy in his 50’s using them to keep him afloat and more importantly, from getting his mustache wet. Anyways, the point is, someone seriously saw a need to invent a friggin pool noodle and it took off! People now have a need met they didn’t even know existed before. While the guy that invented that ‘need’, has probably made millions, just $2.99 at a time. He’s probably the same guy who thought to himself, wait just a second, why can’t we figure out how to adjust the foot pegs on my BMW 10mm.

Foot Pegs

Then maybe add some springs in there so if I want to stand up, they will sit back down inside the exterior for ease of use. Well my friends, for a whole lot more than $2.99 you can add a nice set of easy to adjust, spring mounted foot pegs with a lasered BMW Motorrad logotype on them and all done up in an anodised finish. They measure up at 4.8cm wide and 10.5cm long. This will give you an added 1.8cm on the width and 1.3cm on the length. Tall or small, these foot pegs cover it all.


Whether you use your bike to compete or just enjoy a little competition against mother nature, you are going to drag your belly around at some point. Rocks, logs, speed bumps, maybe another bike if you’re really aggressive. Either way, the bottom of your bike is likely to endure some serious trauma unless protected, and a massive adventure bash plate is just what the bike doctor ordered. It covers everything, even your ass!!

Givi RP5112 Skid Plate

Coming in at around 3lbs and built from 2mm thick aluminum, this bad boy almost covers tire to tire. In the winter you can take it off, spray a little Pam on the bottom and race it down a snowy hill like our beloved Chevy Chase in the Christmas Vacation classic. Or if you prefer, just leave it on the bike like a grown-up until next years riding season. These can be picked up for just over a few hundred dollars, or bought as part of your crash bar set for closer to a thousand.


For anyone with a little something to prove, they can compete in the International GS Trophy Competition. A team challenge that includes numerous specialised stages to test both man/woman and machine. The competition has taken competitors from far and wide to adventure destinations around the world. In the past competitions have been held in mountainous Tunisia, cultural South Africa, known as the land of smiles, Thailand, large and diverse Canada, right down to the southern most beauty of South America, Patagonia.

This competition is held every two years and in 2018, it is going to be held in a more remote part of the planet, Mongolia. Fierce competitors like this know what’s important for their bikes; like an extended rear mount, that is both functional and practical. A space for your bag and an area to grip when your teammates need to push you up impossible climbs or haul you out of taxing ruts. A nice aftermarket upgrade for those a little more serious about their riding.


A rear tank bag fits easily onto the aforementioned rear mount and can be a lifesaver. When every bit of energy counts, it’s best to let the bike do most of the work. Carrying a backpack around on your shoulders will slowly tax that muscle group that should be used primarily for controlling the bike. It could also prove to be a little dangerous if riding through heavy brush or treed areas.

A rear soft bag can be used to store that tow rope you might need at some point, a first aid kit you will hopefully never have to open, that refreshing water that keeps you hydrated, or even that emergency granola bar that might help ease a little stress when stuck and waiting for help. Easy to pack and out of the way, that little bag might prove more helpful than you could have imagined. Made of a polyester coating, with the main bag being water tight. Two zipped outside pockets and a shoulder strap to carry around when you are off the bike. The stylish black rear bag runs around $300 and can easily sit out of the way or expand into a nice 18 litre size when needed. 


Everyone has sat in the backseat of their parent’s station wagon as a kid while your dad drove like hell to get ‘there’ on time. If that road trip needed fuel, he might have asked some directions from the service station attendant. Eventually giving in to your mother’s numerous requests to stop and ask someone how to actually get to the KOA. Some three hours late I might add.

To equalize the playing field and keep your BMW from driving in circles around Kansas or Kenya, you should make sure to include the BMW Motorrad Navigation V. Bluetooth-capable, 5” display screen. It has an 8G built in memory with expandable slot, and you can add in the Garmin smartphone link for real-time traffic and weather if you so desire as well. No longer is there a need to pretend you know where you are going. Now if you get lost you can blame it on the GPS.


The 2018, BMW R1200GS Rallye is nothing short of an adventure beauty with the capability to chameleon itself into a shined-up, black-tie babe. If you are looking to get down and dirty in the competitive scene, where a tow rope and first aid kit might actually be practical luggage. Or you are looking to hit the highway from coast to coast. Gadgets and gizmos aren’t just fun to brag to your friends about, they can actually have real life value. 

From keeping the lights on with a clear protective guard, to saving your ass with an adventure skid plate. Your BMW baby can be easily customised to suit your every need with the swipe of a credit card. Who knows, maybe on your 2019 you can get an adjustable seat with three levels of customization and a lasered BMW logo embedded.