4-New Features Of The 2018 BWM Rallye Jacket

4-New Features Of The 2018 BWM Rallye Jacket

When you are looking to blow your allowance on some new gear, the good people at BMW are always happy to step in and trade a swipe of your credit card for some flashy new garb. If you are in the market for a new jacket you might want to try the new, 2018, BMW Rallye jacket. Function, style, consumer based design features, enough pockets to keep you thinking you should just leave the panniers at home this weekend. Here’s four great features of the 2018, Rallye jacket.

Duel Use Waterproof Liner

Not often does anyone complain about being too dry while running a muck on their two-wheeled adventurer. The Rallye jacket has a waterproof liner that can be left on the inside as a little interior protection, it can also be taken out and worn over the jacket to protect the rider from rain or save the jacket from mud or dirt, depending on the days ride. A great way to keep your jacket lasting longer and great way to quickly slip on protection if a storm catches you off guard.


For those hot days when you feel you’re red-lining more than the bike. Stale stagnant air, slow-moving traffic, first-gear while negotiating sandy trails, if you feel like you are going to overheat, you’re not having fun. With more ventilation than a Dutch wind farm, you can un-zip your way to satisfaction. There are arm zips, flaps on the front chest to catch a draft, and a large air-outlet area on the back to keep the flow moving. The back also has a 3D air-mesh lining that will allow air to circulate under the back protector. The fabric itself is designed to regulate temperatures so you won’t find yourself quickly getting to cool or too hot depending on the climatic situation. 

Enough Pockets To Make A Kangaroo Jealous

Rarely will you just slip on your jacket, grab the keys and hit the road for a nice relaxing day of riding. Nope, you’re going to need a cell phone or maybe two, wallet, maybe a camera if you’re a little more photo-savvy, a snack, perhaps eye glasses for when you stop, kleenex if you don’t like using your sleeve on those cool fall days. Anyways, you get the point, people generally pack enough stuff for a day trip to justify a few extra pockets. The Rallye jacket has six-pockets, two of them being fully waterproof for the electronics. A large rear pocket, a little stash pocket and a pocket that can fit the TrinkPak Hydra so you can keep your personal fluids topped up on the go.

Versatile Material

Skipping the Gore-Tex bandwagon, they opted for a more breathable construction. The jacket is made from ProTechWool that is very breathable and abrasion resistant. This may have you using the waterproof jacket liner more than you would with a Gore-Tex, but hey, that’s what it’s there for.

BMW has a pretty clear reputation for quality, and they held true to that reputation right across to their gear line. If you’re looking to get into a jacket that’s diverse enough to handle whatever the road has to throw at it, take the 2018 BMW Rallye Jacket for a test drive. Depending on where you shop, they come in at around $800, an investment that should outlast the price tag.