4-Reasons That Stop You From Learning To Ride A Motorcycle

4-Reasons That Stop You From Learning To Ride A Motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle can be thrilling and rewarding, an excellent pastime to enjoy with friends or solo in all corners of the nation. Some people have been riding since they were kids from the moment their parents put them on a 50cc and sent them off down a grassy track in the countryside. These people are way ahead of the game. Some however sit and ponder for years over the idea of owning a motorcycle and learning to ride, yet never fully pull the trigger. Here are four reasons that stop you from learning to ride a motorcycle.


A highly debatable topic that can see both the rider and exterior factors as reasons for riding a motorcycle being unsafe. You could argue that crossing the street is equally as dangerous or when your time comes, your time comes, no matter where you are in the world. It could also be said that with improved gear like airbag vests, DOT helmets, and proper motorcycle gear. You are just as likely to walk away from a fall on a motorcycle as you would be to walk away from a standard car accident. With some defensive training or quality practice, it’s just as probably that you will never be part of an accident in your life.

Not Knowing What Bike To Buy

Many people get into motorcycling based on a particular style or look. This can often be seen by a 5-year old Harley with 1000-miles on it, or those stunningly clean adventure bikes that can be seen in garages across America. Anything from a Vespa for zipping around the city, to a Gold Wing for the couch cruisers, to Hayabusa sports bike that can take you at blurring speeds down the interstate. There is quite literally a bike built for everyone, and often people don’t factor in their main motivation for buying and allow themselves to consider too many options.

It’s Difficult To Learn

The clutch, the throttle, a hand brake, a foot brake, the shifter, the signals and on and on. Often people look at all the things involved in riding a motorcycle and assume it is just too difficult to learn. Some of them even suggest that it is easier to learn when you are younger, so if they hadn’t learned by a certain age it is often too late. With a large welcoming community of riders and the ability to take lessons at a number of places, it is good to know that getting help is now easier than ever.


The motorcycle itself can sometimes be the least expensive part of the equation, and all the added extras slowly add up to more than the purchase price. With the price of boots, jackets, pants and helmets all having high prices, it’s easy to see why this might seem a daunting to buy all at once.

If you are looking for reasons to buy or not buy anything in this world, it is easy enough to find evidence to support either side of the argument. If you are looking for some support on why you should learn to ride and purchase a motorcycle, let us help you. A number of excellent establishments can help train beginners on all the steps to keep them safe, a little soul-searching into what your motivation for purchase will help narrow down what you really need / want, gear and bikes are being designed with more protection than ever before. Finally, if the price is your main motivation, you can easily find second-hand everything online for a fraction of the cost of new. Get out and get riding, you’ll always wonder what you’ve been waiting for.