6 most expensive bikes in the world for impulse buying millionaires

6 most expensive bikes in the world for impulse buying millionaires

 In the event your Grandpa buried a pickup truck full of gold under the back wood shed, and you happen to stumble across it one day while you were looking for a place to bury the family pig. Then my friend, you can cash in on your dream to own one of the most expensive bikes on the planet, one of them happens to be a pig too, well hog that is. You are not as likely to pick one of these up at your local dealer, so best to have your check book handy or gold already pressed into bricks before you start shopping around. Drool on, and have a look at the six most expensive bikes in the world.

6 -Harley Cosmic Starship

 Well the name pretty well sums it up, the bike is out of this world, well, so is the price tag. When it first fell from the heavens in 2010, it was worth $1million. As an investment, it would have produced a better ROI than those penny stocks you have your retirement set on. In 2012, the bike sold for $3million. And in case you missed the ad on Craigslist, the bike is up for sale a little closer to $10milion now.

5 - Yamaha Roadster BMS Chopper

 If you have a bit more cash eating a hole in your jeans, then you can scoop up this custom chopper for a closer to $3million. A bike that looks better than a Russian prostitute, and every bit as lengthy and curvaceous. Coated in 24karat gold, then finished like your favorite cupcakes, in red velvet, this beauty will go over well at cocktail parties. Not that you are likely to see it on the road, but if you did, it would be blurring past you with its 1700cc V-twin engine at part throttle.

4 -Hildebrand & Wolfmüller 

 On a long enough timeline, every piece of vehicle engineering seems to be traceable back to the Germans, the motorcycle is no exception. First put into production from 1894 – 1897, it wasn’t exactly a raving success, but it did set into motion a piece of history enjoyed the world over today. Finding one of these 1489cc, two-cylinder, four-strokes can easily be done at a small selection of museums. Current MSRP, is a touch higher than the original price, at about $3.5million

3 – Ecosse Spirit ES1

 Available in a nice tangerine shade, I personally don’t find it the most aesthetically beautiful of bikes. Speed wise it takes the cake and if you are living close to a long stretch of freshly paved highway with no speed limits posted, today could be the day to test its 230MPH limit. A cool $3.6 millon will get this into your garage.

2 – The porcupine

 What animal comes to mind when you think 40’s race bike, naturally porcupine. Coming in at 2nd place is the 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine. Either way it did manage to win a moment in the spotlight when Les Graham took it across the finish line first, in the 1949 FIM 500cc world championship. These are rarer than a 3rd anniversary in Hollywood, as a result you can get this 2nd  place bargain for close to $7million.

1- Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

 If all you need to do is add the words, “limited edition”, to something and have its value increase, then I have a deal for you. I have some limited edition gaskets I made out of construction paper in a pinch one time. $150,000, any takers? The outrageous look of this beast, along with its 190MPH, street legal, titanium V-twin, with only forty-five production models, should at least include a discount card for your online shopping at a Neiman Marcus store.  Does selling clothes make you a good judge of style in the bike world, it’s all a matter of taste I suppose. Topping the economic scales at $11million, remember to lock the steering when its parked at night.