ABS Fairings, A Fully Customizable Look For Your Motorcycle.

ABS Fairings, A Fully Customizable Look For Your Motorcycle.

If you were to ask a group of fifty bikers across all genres of the biking dynamic to show up looking “semi-formal” for an industry related event, you are likely to get forty-nine different possible looks.

For sure there is going to be two guys that got off work late and stopped by the closest Harley shop on the way to the party to buy head-to-toe black on black Harley gear. One probably even forgot the tags on the shirt. As for the rest, they can likely be grouped into a few various fields based on their similar personalities and riding styles. The stunt riders in white skate shoes, baggie dress pants, and big sunglasses. The cruiser fellas in nice blue jeans and likely a slightly worn leather vest. The Ducati boys fresh from the trading room floor in suit jackets and scuffed designer shoes from their gear shifter. Anyways, you get the idea.

Anyone of these groups is just as likely to have their bikes dressed up to look a lot like themselves, and the odd one will have even gotten a custom shirt in the form of a fairing for his ride too. A custom fairing for their custom looks to match their personalities. A great idea that can be obtained from a great company.

Image: absfairing.com Their crafty work alos looks good in pink!

What does the fairing do for you

  So what is it that your fairing actually does for you? The most obvious is the aesthetics, a fairing can be streamlined to make a bike look sleek and slick. It can also be beefed up to make a 250cc look like it’s on steroids. Many a low-budget bike is fairing-ed up to look like something it is not. You might call these the juice-monkeys of the motorcycle world. The Hyosung GT250R is just this bike. A bigger fairing with a bright paint job, it gives off the impression of a 650cc+ bike while maintaining the heart of the 250cc.

  The first people to dream up fairings were airplane engineers, as a way to deal with improving a planes air-drag. Then motorcycle racers adopted this new technology into early 19th-century race bikes, and it has slowly evolved into every category of bike. As well, fairings are placed at the base and sides of the bike as a way to protect the rider from the elements, be that wind, weather or debris. The more fairing, the more protection, however, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing.

Image: wikipedia Check out the fairing on this 1955 Sportmax that won once won a world championship

What’s your look?

  To fairing or not to fairing, that is the question. Clearly not every bike out there even has fairings, you can get them stripped down to their birthday suits if you prefer to let it all hang out. I met a guy once who stripped away his perfectly good fairings and windshield on tour through Africa. He felt it helped him see the road better, seems he really wanted to take it all in.

A bike like the Yamaha FZ-07 is basically a bike in its birthday suit, totally naked, with everything exposed. To some riders, the feeling of riding a motorcycle is accentuated even further once you strip away any possible blockages from the wind or coverings of the view. Aside from maybe a front wheel guard, you are basically as free as it comes here.

Then there is the polar opposites, those who like a bike with more fairing than they know what to do with. In this case, the ugliest eye-sore on the open road. Something like the Victory Vision, the 2014 model, is particularly painful to stare at if you’re really looking for a prime example. This bike will serve well for wind protection & help against fatigue, likely not winning over too many of the opposite sex though. Or same sex, or neutrally-indifferent-sex or whatever classification you prefer to make sure I include everyone ☺ Much like your partner, you can choose whatever look you want, just expect a bit of rib-jabbing if you go with the gaudy-looking Vision though.

Image: Love it ot hate it, thats one hell of a fairing on this Vision.

The ABS Company Difference

  Knowing that a fairing can do so much for you and your bike, let’s look at what the ABS difference is from other companies. ABS fairings are made from a type of plastic called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, hence the name. Its popularity stems from the fact that the material is highly durable and cheap to make. ABS can flex easily and is more resistant to scratches and light impact from debris.

The company, ABS fairings, are a USA based operation who have been in the business since 2008. The work is done right in the USA at their 21,000-foot facility where they house all the companies painting and drying equipment. You’ll know you get high-quality American workmanship along with USA based customer support if you need help with anything, keeping things worry free.

All the faring kits come with a %100 fitment guarantee, something that you are not likely to find anywhere else in the industry. The designs and builds are based directly off OEM, thus giving you a flawless fitment, unlike those other lower-quality ones found on sites like eBay. With the combination of high-quality ABS plastics and OEM designs, it is easy to ensure a guaranteed fit. With lower quality materials that have less flexibility and are of a lower grade, the installation process can become nightmarish.  

  In the event you don’t find a design on their product list that you like, you could also have one of their artists design something specific for you based off a design you’ve seen elsewhere or submitted to them. They run it by the artistic painting team and produce you a one of a kind design that you are sure to blow people away with. 

Image: absfairing.com A good looking Harley aided by ABS

Will ABS work for me?

  Rolling around on a Ducati Monster 696 or 1100S? They’ve got a fairing kit ready to go for that. How about a Yamaha YZF-600 Thundercat? No problem they have a kit for that too, and they even come with a heat guard. How about a Harley? They can hook you up with some customized hard luggage or a sweet batwing fairing that has been hydro-dipped.

Maybe you’re a Kawi guy, they’ve got a wide variety of options for your light-weight Ninja-250 or even the bigger, more badass, Z1000. If you are not into the more popular brands, they can also hook you up with something for your Aprilia, like the RS4-125.

Even more so, they can definitely cover a considerable range of options for the more mainstream models like those from Honda. Styles like the uber-popular CBR line-up or even the Gold Wing division. That’s not all they do, and there is much more brands and styles where that came from. Again, if you see a kit you want, but it doesn’t quite match what you are looking for. Send them an email, and they can make something up to suit your stylish needs. 

  If you’ve already got your fairings covered and are looking to customize your ride even more, well they can help with that too. To help you completely customize your ride, they now offer powder coating to keep your ride lasting forever. OEM fairing re-painting, in the event you want a new look for parts you already have. They can hook you up with custom rims, provide hydro-dipping, or upgrade your lighting with halo and LED options. Personalized airbrushing for those who like to turn some serious heads, custom wraps for that sleek finish. Even race bodywork painting for those who need a great look to highlight their sponsors or match up a look with the rest of their team, heck it might even make you faster!

Image: @absfairing

So what are people saying

  If you just aren’t totally sold on the idea that ABS fairings are the best in the business and want a little more convincing, you can do a little more research to flush out some customer reviews.

When you look at their site, they actually have no reviews and instead note that you can find product reviews about them on various other sites. At first, I thought this was maybe just lazy website marketing, and they could probably do a little more work at convincing the general public of how good they are. After looking at it from a different perspective, I think it’s actually a more-truthful way to find reviews.

Image: @absfairing

If you need to search out reviews on various other platforms that have not been solely filtered out by them, then you are going to get a %100 honest result. I read and watched a number of reviews and found the common theme was that people were generally impressed with how well everything fit into place and that the quality wasn’t really comparable to any other brands. ABS was definitely a better-built product with a better result. 

  Two of the more through and seemingly honest reviews I read noted that the guy had previously used another brand on another bike he found it was so hard to fit he actually cracked the fairing while installing it. The ABS fairing, on the other hand, slides into place with minimal effort, and there were no gaps in the fitment, unlike the gaps he encountered in the other kit he had bought.

Another review mention that when their fuel tank had arrived from a custom job that it had been cracked, also that one of their fairings had noticeable drip marks. He opened a case to get the issue resolved and thought it took longer to resolve than he thought, however, he was still so impressed with the final product that he figured it was by far the best in the business. Seems the best in the business even make mistakes, and they were happy to fix them up to keep the client happy.

Image: @absfairing.com  

If you are looking to turn heads with a high-quality product that can either be purchased online and shipped right away. Or if you have a custom design that you’ve been thinking over for years and want to bring it to life finally, they can help with that.

American based, with a broad range of options to cover a wide range of riders, ABS fairings is the place to get your quality custom work done. They even offer discounts to a field of the service departments, including not just military, but fire rescue, EMS and police. Don’t take my word for it, read the online reviews and try them out for yourself. ABSfairings.com, probably the best-looking thing you can do for your baby.