Top 3 Winter Motorcycle Gear

Top 3 Winter Motorcycle Gear

As temperatures drop and winter sets in, you don't want to face the cold weather unprepared. There is nothing worse than riding while being wet and cold. Not only is it a quick way to get sick, but it may also distract you from riding well. To make sure the bad weather doesn’t keep you off your bike, you have to have the right winter gear that will keep the elements in check and help your ride safely. 

If you haven’t geared up yet, we are here to help you get ready for this winter season. Here’s our pick of winter motorcycle gear you’ll need to keep you rolling despite the cold weather: 

Handlebar hand covers.

On cold winter days, your hands take a good beating being directly in front of the oncoming elements. If your gloves happen to get wet, the windchill will make it worse, resulting in heat loss nearly as bad as that of exposed skin. When your hands are cold it’s not only painful, but it can affect your ability to use your controls. And having your hands move too slow when trying to grab the brake or clutch, can create a hazardous situation. 

When it gets extremely cold, you may find that your gloves aren't warm enough by themselves. And that’s when handlebar hand covers come in handy. High quality, waterproof handlebar hand covers or handlebar muffs like RainSeal Handlebar Muffs or the Rogue by Hippo Hands, will keep the cold and wet off your hands and give you better control of your controls. These hand covers are designed to be mounted directly to your motorcycle's handlebars to provide maximum weather protection with minimum bulk. They offer ample hand opening for ease of access to vital control gear, plus most models come with reflective piping, which makes for increased visibility on the road. 

There are hand covers for virtually any make and model of bikes and scooters. You can search online for the right model to fit your budget and needs. Once you’ve found the handlebar covers you need, you'll be riding comfortably all through winter with warm hands and full control.

Heated Jacket Liner.

One of the most important things when riding in winter is keeping your core warm so that your body doesn’t have to regulate itself as fiercely. In freezing temperatures, you may want to consider heated gear. A simple device like a heated jacket liner can make all the difference, keeping your core heat up while helping to warm your entire body as your blood circulates. Just slip a heated jacket liner like the Gerbing 12V Heated Jacket Liner or Venture Heat®’s Deluxe Motorcycle Heated Jacket Liner under your favorite moto jacket and you are good to go.           

These lightweight mid-layer heated jacket liners provide all-weather coverage and are safe to use in both rain and snow. These garments come with integrated wireless controllers that easily mounts to your handlebar. Just plug it into the electrical system on your motorcycle and you have an unlimited source of power to keep you warm at any temperature and any speed. The jacket liners feature heating elements that are strategically placed around the collar, sleeves, both sides of the chest and the entire back for maximum heating performance without the bulkiness of layering. 

So, do yourself a favor, get a heated jacket liner for winter riding and brave the elements like a boss.

Motorcycle heated insoles. 

Like hands, feet tend to get cold very quickly. And having cold and stiff feet can turn winter riding into a totally miserable experience. If you need a little extra warmth for your feet while you’re out on the road, you can use motorcycle heated insoles. With ultra-thin micro-sized heating fibers positioned over their entire surface, the heated insoles are designed to provide powerful, warming heat from heel to toe. You can connect your heated insoles directly onto a motorcycle with the insole harness for endless warmth and comfort. 

Add the much needed warmth to your feet with products like Venture Heat’s Motorcycle Heated Insoles or Gerbing 12V Hybrid Heated Insoles. These motorcycle heated insoles will enable you to ride through the winter season without having to deal with freezing toes again.