Top 5 motorcycle mobile phone apps for motorcycle riders.

Top 5 motorcycle mobile phone apps for motorcycle riders.

We have an app for that!!

We picked the best motorcycle apps for you and ready to share. Here are Top 5 the most useful mobile apps for motorcycle riders.

What do you need when your going on a road trip? Or want to have a quick chat buddies about your ride? I am sure you could use some suggestions for the cheapest gas nearest you. And best of all what do you need to help you explore new roads already rated by different riders? Very simply, you need to get an app.

So here are the 5 most useful mobile apps for motorcyclist. 


  • Cost: Free
  • Andriod/iOS

EatSleepRIDE combines social, tracking and safety functions. It helps you to find new roads, create your own routes, track you rides and communicate with other riders. You can find over 3000+ world-wide available roads and even create add your own. The practicality of this app puts it in the number one spot.

  • Track and save your miles, speed, time and every lean angle. Save and review your rides.
  • Share your rides with other users, post pictures, routes, stories and places. You can set up a private group or connect with all riders. 
  • Local Buddy search is useful when you are looking for a new buddy in your area to ride with.
  • It already includes safety settings. CRASHLIGHT automatically detect a crash and sends information with your location to the system. 
  • Create a trip report. Add photos, routes and events. Let people know how cool your trips are.
  • Find or create a route. 
  • Location sharing with a personal link.

“EatSleepRIDE has it all for you…It’s a great way to stay connected even if you get separated on the road”

-Auto Venus

Road Trip

  • Cost: 6.99
  • Andriod/iOS

Road Trip offers great functions to control your motorcycle maintenance. Easily track your fuel economy, expenses and maintenance history. You will always be sure that your motorcycle is in at its peak performance. You will find that your fuel cost lowers. Log all your expenses in the app and see how much money you spend every month. The more you know, the better you can prepare. There is also a free trial version. 

  • Track your fuel economy, mileage and fuel costs
  • Track all your maintenance and repairs and put them into the service log. The system will send you service reminders when regular maintenance is due
  • Road Trip will prevent expensive premature maintenance
  • Track and compare your vacations and trip costs
  • You will understand how much money you spend on your motorcycle and realize how you can cut your payments

"There’s a ton of MPG apps on the App Store but Road Trip is the best because of its amazingly dense

summary screen and its best in class fuel entry screen."

— Jason D. O'Grady, 

Waze App

  • Cost: FREE
  • Andriod/iOS

The golden choice award with google play. Waze app is a comprehensive tool for use of GPS, maps, traffic alerts and Live Navigation. Users help to create the maps and add their rides to the maps. Getting real time updates and alerts such as speed limit, routes to avoid tolls, alternate routes is very useful when riding in groups to have the ability to press an icon and signal to the others what to expect ahead. 

  • Comprehensive maps constantly updated by users.
  • Alerts – Avoid traffic, road hazards and accidents. 
  • Always arrive on time
  • Find parking easily
  • Find local fuel prices and save on gas.
  • Coordinate riding events with friends by connecting through facebook. Never be late again.

“LOVE THIS APP! I will not travel without my Waze! It avoids traffic jams on highways, side streets, you name it! ” 

-- Katrina Welch, Google Play

Gas buddy

  • Cost: Free
  • Andriod/iOS

This app is brilliant! It helps you to save money on gas. You will never pay full price for gas again. 70 million users have already downloaded this app. GasBuddy tells you exactly where and when to buy gas! Find gas stations with cheapest gas around you, read hundreds of reviews on each of them. GasBuddy makes saving money at the pumps easy!.

  • Locate the gas stations with the cheapest gas
  • Filter the search results by price, location, brand, and amenities like car washes, restaurants and restrooms 
  • Save 15c/gal on your 1st fill-up and 5c/gal on every fill up after 
  • Find deals offered by local convenience stores
  • Enter the daily drawing for a chance to win $100 in free gas 
  • Report gas prices to help others save money and climb the ranks in your community 
  • Write reviews, upload photos and add tips for other users  

 “GasBuddy is a great help for finding the cheapest gas prices.” 

 Kit Eaton, New York Times

Motorcycle weather

  • Cost: Free
  • Andriod/iOS

All you need is to set comfortable weather conditions and app automatically will show you every good riding day. It sends you notification if the weather matches my preferences. You can set weather conditions for rain, temperature, wind and so on. Get the understanding on the weather near your location. All locations based on GPS, zip code, city/state or city/country (GPS is slow, entering a location is much faster). 

  • Accurate weather information
  • Detailed hourly weather information
  • Preplan your ride with the start and end time feature
  • Weather is location based on GPS 

“More accurate than the TV news and of course very handy.” 

 Kyle Dean, Google Play

Mobile apps have never been so tailored for motorcycle riders. From detailed maintenance apps, to keeping connected to the community maps, planning and enjoying your road trip has never been this easy. 

Try downloading a few apps putting everything at your fingertips which helps you maximize the time you get to spend on the open road.