Motorcycle Security Items That Make Great Gifts

Motorcycle Security Items That Make Great Gifts

Motorcycling as a hobby or even full time has so many enjoyable benefits. The fun of riding a motorcycle, the convenience of driving them through city traffic, the comradery of other bikers you meet or see on the roads. Really, you could probably make a list, pages long, about all the things you love about motorcycling. Unfortunately, there are also a few drawbacks. With crime constantly on the rise and thieves looking for the easiest way they can to make money, motorcycles become an easy target.

Motorcycle theft, it’s more than just expensive bikes their looking for

You might think that because you don’t drive an expensive Harley or high-end Honda that thieves aren’t targeting you. Well, it might be quite the opposite. Thieves are looking for the easiest way to turn a profit. Sure, there are highly organized groups that might be targeting expensive bikes. However, if there is enough money on the line, even putting the bike in your alarmed garage is probably not enough. Really though, most crime is going to be petty theft or whatever items are most accessible to grab and go. If your helmet is sitting on your handlebars while you walk into Starbucks to get a coffee, it's going to be more of a target then the $10,000 bike that’s underneath it. It’s all about crimes of opportunity.

What about scooters and smaller cc motorcycles? These types of bikes might have a steering wheel lock like most bikes. Even if the motorcycle is locked, two people can quickly pick the bike up in the middle of the night, load it into a truck and drive away with it. When they get the bike back to their chop-shop, they can deal with removing the lock with as much time as they need. It doesn’t matter where you live, both big cities and small towns can offer crime problems of their own. Your best defense can be the appearance of a difficult to steal motorbike or its accessories. Thieves are probably more lazy than stupid if your stuff looks harder to take they are likely to move onto the next guy.

What can you do to prevent motorcycle related theft problems

You don't always need to keep your bike stored inside or in secured parking to keep it safe. For many people like those who commute to work or live in apartment-style homes, keeping your bike inside probably isn’t even an option. There are some inexpensive, small, and easy to use anti-theft devices available for motorcycle riders that will help prevent motorcycle related crime. These items are useful for preventing theft of accessories, the whole motorcycle, or even to just make the bike look like you wouldn’t want to waste your time with it. Here’s a closer look at 3-motorcycle security items that make great gifts.

Anti-theft Motorcycle Grip Lock

Chances are pretty good that you’ve never driven a motorcycle with the throttle lock still on. At the most, not having a sensor on your kickstandkickstand, you might have driven away with it scraping the ground. Or maybe you tried to take off once with your foot on the brake, but with the throttle locked and the brake on, you’re not going to get very far.

The anti-theft Motorcycle Grip Lock by BigPantha combines several security measures in one device. The device is a grip, throttle, brake and handlebar lock all rolled into one. You can just open the cigar-box-sized grip lock, then pull in your brake lever, sliding the lock on one side of the throttle and around the handbrake. The brake is now activated making your bike extremely difficult to move, and the throttle is locked so it cannot be driven. The look of the locked throttle on the brake alone should be more than enough to deter would-be thieves from trying to attempt any action on your motorcycle.

Benefits of the BigPantha Grip Lock:

  • Easy to use and can be installed in about 5-seconds
  • Inexpensive. You can own one or give it as a gift for under $40
  • Can be used on any motorcycle, scooter, ATV, or moped
  • Small and compact, you can fit the lock right in your pocket or provided holster
  • The look alone should be enough to deter thieves
  • Includes a free belt holster for easy to carry transport 
  • Only 5.5 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches in size

If you are the type of rider who needs to leave his motorcycle outside overnight or in unsecured parking areas during the day, any added protection is a good idea.

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Motorcycle Security Alarm System

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) motorcycle theft in 2016 totaled 46,467 motorcycles compared with 45,555 motorcycles reported stolen in 2015. Year over year this would be the equivalent of a 2% increase in motorcycle theft. That is a substantial number of motorcycles that are going missing. If you're anything like most bikers, your motorcycle is an extension of your body and to lose a part of it would be devastating.

To prevent becoming one of the reported statistics, you will need to be vigilant and take some preventive measures. Equip your motorcycle or that of a loved one, with a motorcycle security system. The BlueFire Motorcycle Security Alarm System is an easy and effective way to deter theft and bring attention to your motorcycle in the event you have someone trying to steal it.

The system runs off any 12/24 Volt battery and offers more than just protection. With the remote key, you can arm or disarm your motorcycle, as well as flash your lights if your searching for your bike in a parking lot or want to scare people off. The alarm is also equipped with a loud, 125db siren, as well as an anti-hijacking feature that cuts off power supply if someone is attempting to steal the bike. Another excellent feature for automatic engines like scooters is that you can start the motorcycle remotely too. No need to stand around on cool mornings waiting for the engine to warm up safely. Start the bike a few minutes in advance, and you'll be ready to hop on and ride. 

For ease of use, you can simply alarm the bike with a push of a button. Once the alarm is set, you won't need to worry about it going off when the weather gets aggressive. Normal wind and rain won't bother the .alarm, and if you ever find that it does, just adjust the sensitivity of the alarm. When movement occurs like a potential theft, the alarm gives off a warning, a few seconds of noise to warn people. If the movement happens again, the alarm will sound for much longer to alert you or anyone in the area.

Benefits of the BlueFire Security Alarm System:

  • The price. For less than $20, you can’t beat the value
  • You can get your key replicated to the remote
  • Easy home installation. With the help of some YouTube videos, you'll save on professional installation costs
  • Can be fit to almost any motorcycle or scooter
  • 125db siren is extremely loud
  • Remote start option for automatic engines
  • Warning siren for a first-time movement
  • Light flashing feature to more easily find your bike or warn off potential thieves

For gift giving parties or just a little extra something to give to those you care about, the BlueFire security alarm can't be beaten. If you're looking for fast, easy buying and shipping services or to learn more about the multi-functioning alarm system.

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Don’t become a statistic of one of the over 45,000 motorcycles that were stolen in the USA last year.

Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device

There are many kinds of theft, and all of them are a burden to those on the receiving and as well as society as a whole. The most common type of theft in America is larceny-theft. This means that more items being stolen are the personal belongings and property of individuals. In 2017 alone, over 5.5-million cases of larceny-theft were reported. Those are likely going to be for high-value items or items that can become insurance claims. Individuals are not likely reporting stolen items like clothing and helmets that are a huge inconvenience but are likely too much hassle to prove for an insurance claim. To prevent this inconvenience, you can simply add on some insurance of your own, like an easy to use helmet locking device.

A helmet locking device like the Combination PIN Locking Carabiner from BigPantha will leave you feeling secure about leaving your things behind. The carabiner has a combination lock built right in, and along with the flexible cord you can quickly run through your helmet, you’ll no longer need to carry around your bulky helmet while running errands. Just run the cable through the helmet, then through a fully closed part of your handlebars, set the combination and get your running around done worry free. The steel cord is self-coiling and coated for easy use that won't scratch your items. Whether you're driving a motorcycle in the city or an ATV in the countryside, you can easily use this device to safeguard your helmet. The cord stretches to an impressive 6-feet in length, so you could also use it to lock up your jacket or another rider's helmet too.

Benefits of the Combination PIN Locking Carabiner Device:

  • Secure your helmets, jacket or both while you run errands 
  • Steel cord that is self-coiling to provide sturdy protection
  • 6-feet of cable length 
  • Rubber coated cable and carabiner to prevent for causing scratches
  • Combination lock with 999 possible combination choices
  • Excellent value at under $30
  • Very compact, could be stored virtually anywhere

Helmets and motorcycle jackets can easily cost over $1000, but if you have a less expensive one you are even less likely to make or collect on an insurance claim if yours gets stolen. In just the blink of an eye, someone could easily take your unsecured helmet right off your ride. Not only would you incur the cost of buying a new helmet, but you would also probably be unable to ride until you replaced it. An inconvenience to your day as well as your wallet. Give this great gift to someone you know who could use a little extra security with their motorcycle safety gear. For less than $30, you can’t go wrong.

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Prevention Is Easier Than Replacement

No matter if it's defensive driving or defensive security measures, no amount of safety is too much in the world of motorcycles. Do yourself a favor or a favor for someone you know, and help keep their motorcycle and its accessories safe this year. Give the gift of theft prevention and peace of mind. For such a low price tag there really is a no better investment.

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