THE ELECTRIC DEMAND - Can Royal Enfield Take A Classic Motorcycle To Modern Heights?

THE ELECTRIC DEMAND - Can Royal Enfield Take A Classic Motorcycle To Modern Heights?

  We’ve all been lost in a daze while whiffing the seemingly intoxicating fumes from a fuel station. Something that would by description, seem repulsive, is instead as welcome as the wandering scent of a bouquet of flowers. Even the toxic fumes out the end of a tailpipe should make one reach for their gas-mask. Instead, it triggers memories of speedways, racetracks and red-line engine revs at a red light. Well, this carbon-producing sense of satisfaction is coming under pressure from motorcycle manufactures, and it looks like the Royal Enfield might be next in the electric lineup.

Everyone’s In The Game

  There is no denying that electric is on the move, with companies like ZERO out of California who produces %100 electric motorcycles that can be charged right from your home outlet. Bikes like their Zero DS put out 116 ft-lb of torque, a feat that is hard to compete with on the basic combustion level. Then there is the mystery of Hondas Rider Assist E, an electric motorcycle that is self-balancing at low speeds. The bike is yet to be seen on the streets, though Honda usually delivers what it says. If you’re looking for something a bit sportier, Victory has the speedy looking Empulse TT. Then for those of you looking to keep your pleather-clad animal-friendly looks, and resign to the idea of global warming. The Brutus line of motorcycles has an impressive looking V-9. It would seem there is more on the market than one might imagine.

Really, even the classics?

  A brand that has weathered more storms than Lindsey Lohan and come out still looking like Cher is the unmistakable Royal Enfield. It’s tough to compete with the history of the worlds oldest motorcycle brand. With its first production dating back to 1901 and the Bullet being the motorcycle with the longest production run in history. It seems that the Enfield will again see itself pass through the ages with the future production of an electric line of motorcycles. The president had announced that they are working towards a 2020 deadline of a BS-VI line of bikes and an electric line too. It would seem that to compete in the present day market you must be many things to many people. For the Royal Enfield, it would seem you must hold your iconic hat in one hand and put your futuristic foot out front while walking into the boardrooms of the research and development divisions. 

A Timeless Treasure

  The Royal Enfield bike has been recognized the world over as an essential piece of history, and it was even used as a timeline marker by Brad Pitt in the movie, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. I think Brad even owns an Enfield in his off-screen life. The world will be waiting with lace-up work-boots and ripped blue jeans to see if the worlds oldest brand can keep itself current while capturing its nostalgic look. You don’t become the worlds longest lasting motorcycle brand by sitting idly by while the new kids on the block dictate the trends. 

Header Image: India Autos Blog