6-in-1 Auto Tool

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For travel convenience and during emergencies you want to have a reliable device that is compact enough to fit almost anywhere and powerful enough to provide all the life-saving tools you’ll need when faced with an unexpected roadside situation. And that device is the EasyPower 6-in-1 Car Charger Tool. This amazing tool is is small, convenient and puts all the power of a multifunctional device right into your dashboard. One small tool, six different uses, what can be better than that?

The EasyPower 6-in-1 Car Tool Features:
- Power Bank: quickly refill a mobile phone or other USB devices with using this power bank
- Car Charger: plug in any USB device into your car's cigarette lighter to charge it on a long car trip
- Seatbelt Cutter: cut seat belts easily to save yourself and help others
- Glass Breaker: get in or out of a car with ease by smashing windows using this tool
- Flashlight: whether you need to repair your car or walk to the nearest gas station in the dark, you’ll have enough light with this flashlight
- Emergency Flashing Light: turn the flashlight to "flashing" mode to signal for help in an emergency

EasyPower 6-in-1 Car Charger Tool is really something you won't want to go without. It will help you turn your regular car into a prepper car. Who doesn’t want that?